Grange Continent

Grange is one of the seven natural Newerthian continents.

Pronunciation: xrónsi
IPA: /xrɑːnˈsiː/


  • Eylsa Village: a village constructed by the ancient Heroine of Coral, Eylsa, and thus one of the Eight Heroes’ Villages. It is north of Coral City. Eylsa’s shrine is said to contain her legendary swords, Gan Jiang and Mo Ye.
  • Witt Jungle Path: a path that goes through a jungle. The monsters usually avoid people, or at least help them. It lies between Eylsa Village and Coral City.
  • Coral City: one of the Eight Cities of Neia. The capital city of Grange, it is the main coastal city on the continent.
  • Cortège Hills: located between Eylsa Village and Eterna Vale, this hilly area is extremely dangerous. Funerals are held near the entrance, where dozens of people are buried every week.
  • Eterna Vale: this chilly valley is located between Cortège Hills and Odas City. The river that flows through here is commonly called the Eterna Rivier.
  • Destiny Road: a path connecting Odas City and Coral City. Construction of it finished on 13 March 2015.
  • Odas City: aside from being a pun on “audacity”, Odas City is the scientific city on the continent. It is in the very center of the Grange continent, where a mysterious tower is constructed. People call this tower the “Locked Tower” as it cannot be entered at all (at least, not as far as people know). To the east lies Mount Grandia, and to the west, Mount Aidnarg. North of Odas City is Calamitos Shrine.
  • Mount Grandia: a mountain east of Odas City, it is rumored to reach as high as thirty thousand feet above sea level. At the very top is the Quoria Princedom.
  • Quoria Princedom: located at the top of Mount Grandia, the Prince and Princess rule the continent. The inhabitants often battle corrupt Princes and Princesses if they have to, in order to restore peace to the continent. The son or daughter of a Prince/Princess, when they inherit the throne, can marry a civilian and thus have that civilian become a princess or prince.
  • Mount Aidnarg: a mountain west of Odas City. Rumored to reach as high as twenty thousand feet above sea level, it contains the ruins of the old Quoria Kingdom, before the continent became a principality.
  • Quoria Kingdom Ruins: located on top of Mount Aidnarg. The ruins of an ancient kingdom from over nine centuries ago. Archaeologists are trying to find the castle entrance, but none has succeeded thus far.
  • Calamitos Shrine: a shrine to honor the memory of the first Prince of Grange, sir Richaado Calamitos. Statues of each Prince and Princess are built here, though smaller than the first Prince’s.
  • Tachyon Tower: one of many towers on the continent. It is located east of Mount Grandia. Little is known about it.
  • Electron Tower: one of many towers on the continent. It is located west of Mount Aidnarg. Little is known about it.
  • Photon Tower: one of many towers on the continent. It is located north of Calamitos Shrine. Little is known about it.
  • Neutron Tower: one of many towers on the continent, and the northernmost tower in Nucleon Swamp. Little is known about it.
  • Proton Tower: one of many towers on the continent, and the westernmost tower in Nucleon Swamp. Little is known about it.
  • Nucleon Swamp: a swamp to the west of Coral City. Ogres are rumored to live here, with their king. While usually peaceful, these ogres will attack if they feel threatened.
  • The Locked Tower: a tower in the center of Odas City. It appears to be impossible to enter. It seems to have five spires.

The currency of Grange is Overlay Stones. These stones were found under Odas City, when it was constructed decades ago, and people decided that it would make a good currency. Overlay Stones seem to have swirling energy spheres orbiting it, and nowadays mining them has become harder than beating Touhou games. Nonetheless, Overlay Stones are plentiful enough on the continent, and it is estimated that a thousand people can have a thousand Overlay Stones, thus meaning that there are at least a million Overlay Stones on the continent that can be used as currency. Currently, the Prince and Princess are figuring out an alternative currency in case Overlay Stones are unusable.

This section will list the previous Princes and Princesses of the continent.

  • Prince Alpha and Princess Beta (ruled from 0 to 45)
  • Prince Delta and Princess Gamma (ruled from 45 to 46; they were corrupted by the ancient forces of darkness)
  • Prince Epsilon and Princess Eta (ruled from 46 to 76)
  • Prince Iota and Princess Rho (ruled from 76 to 175; Rho was an elf while Iota was a half-elf)
  • Prince Omicron and Princess Zeta (ruled from 175 to 256; they were both elves)
  • Prince Pi and Princess Xi (ruled from 256 to 256; they were corrupted by the ancient forces of darkness as well)
  • Prince Omega and Princess Chi (ruled from 256 to 300)
  • Prince Mervin and Princess Moira (ruled from 300 to 445; they were vampires who weren’t evil)
  • Prince Julius and Princess Juliet (ruled from 445 to 445; Julius defeated the vampiric royalty out of hatred for all vampires but was overthrown almost immediately after his wedding)
  • Prince Raphael and Princess Gwendolyn (ruled from 445 to 445; they took over the throne during the chaos but got killed by a dark elven sorceress named Sorceress)
  • Prince C’ylen and Princess Sorceress (ruled from 445 to 490; dark elves)
  • Prince Mars and Princess Veronica (ruled from 490 to 745; also non-evil vampires, though they lived longer than Mervin and Moira)
  • Prince E and Princess Mayl (ruled from 745 to 1000; they were corrupted by the ancient forces of darkness but ruled benevolently instead; they were also vampires)
  • Prince Rasen and Princess Dori (ruled from 1000 to 1042; they were merfolk)
  • Prince Chiyuri and Princess Marlene (ruled from 1042 to 1084)
  • Prince Yuri and Princess Chelinka (ruled from 1084 to 1126)
  • Prince Sherlock and Princess Sherlotta (ruled from 1126 to 1186; Sherlock is often confused for Sherlock Holmes these days)
  • Prince Veriaulde and Princess Vera (ruled from 1186 to 1942; both were human but Veriaulde was cursed with immortality; he resorted to using magic to turn his wife Vera into a semi-magical creature that could not age)
  • Prince Cheren and Princess Amenity (ruled from 1942 to 10 March 2001)
  • Prince Generic and Princess Boring (ruled from 20 March 2001 to 10 March 2014; had their parents exiled for the lame names and were elected democratically instead)
  • Prince Il’dan and Princess Pryde (ruled from 11 March 2014 to present)

When a Prince dies, the Princess can choose to remarry, if they so wish. Likewise, if a Princess dies, the Prince can choose to remarry.
If both die and there are no heirs, the new Prince and Princesses are voted for democratically from a list of known nobles of the continent (as was the case with Prince Generic and Princess Boring).

(This continent was made by Lunaris of the Lunar Shadow forums.)


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