The Serenth Galaxy

Serenth is a fictional spiral galaxy and the main galaxy where the Lunar Shadow Project takes place in.

Pronunciation: surenth
IPA: /sʊrˈɛnθ/

The Serenth galaxy has plenty of planets. These will be listed starting at the ones closest to the sun and ending at the ones farthest from the sun.

  • El Solaria
  • El Lunaria
  • El Astralia
  • Newerth
  • Unknown uninhabitable dwarf planet
  • Unknown gas giant
  • Unknown inhabitable planet
  • Unknown gas giant
  • Unknown gas giant
  • Unknown uninhabitable planet
  • Asteroid belt
  • Unknown dwarf planet
  • Unknown inhabitable dwarf planet

Not to be confused with the chemical elements (like hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, and so on). The galaxy of Serenth has its own elements. The names are listed as follows:
North Newerth Name / South Newerth Name

  1. None / Nothing
  2. Fire / Blaze
  3. Air / Gale
  4. Earth / Nature
  5. Water / Ocean
  6. Ice / Chill
  7. Poison / Venom
  8. Cuteness / Adorable
  9. Light / Hallow
  10. Dark / Corruption
  11. others (currently unknown)

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