Well, I have bad news.

My computer’s monitor was damaged on Friday, and now there’s these stripes that make it hard to see things. Thus, until further notice, Lunar Shadow is on hiatus. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Basically, until my monitor’s replaced, I’m stuck listening to music and browsing the Internet. And since it’s sometimes super slow… I’m gonna be bored out of my mind like it’s nobody‘s business. :/

I would use my mobile to post and such, except… my mobile doesn’t allow me to do that, so all I can do with a mobile is lurk. And lurk. And lurk.

Lurk, lurk, lurk. Always with the lurking.

Apparently I’m not the only one whose monitor got cracked recently. A friend of mine, the founder of the Vresun: Ciraian Ruins forums, also has the same issue. Though, he hasn’t had a great 2016 at all, poor guy. 😦


Unrelated but I keep forgetting that I have two versions of my avatars on my computer.


The ZERO Progress Post (and spoiler information)

Okay, well, it has a double meaning.

Firstly, there’s been absolutely no progress on Lunar Shadow whatsoever, so my plans of releasing version 5a on 16 January are shot to the Grim Path (and probably beyond πŸ˜› ). But there’s progress on Lunar Shadow ZERO (thanks to a friend).

And yes, it’s almost been a year since Lunar Shadow‘s first release on 16 January 2015. Which means, almost a year of Serenity being on her quest. (Except that would imply Newerth didn’t survive, right? D: )

Anyway, this post will be for… well, both those (probably not a lot, though) and some information on some of the characters that appear in the Lunar Shadow Project. Caution: major spoilers and stuff. Continue reading

Version 4a has awoken!

As of today, version 4a of Lunar Shadow has been released! πŸ˜€

7z link: here
zip link: here

The Confusion Zone has yet to be added, but that’s going to be for version 5. I’ve also updated the Works page, in case anyone was wondering.

Anyway, I apologize for forgetting about the blog, and I’ll probably forget about it again, but these things happen, right?

First things first. Serenity will not have a Whimsical Star-like item. And continuing on, spoilers. Continue reading

Mysterious Issues and Progress

First things first – for reasons unknown, the Lunar Shadow forums are down. I have no idea why, and I can only hope that this issue is temporary.

Secondly, I’m probably going to be less active or something; two of my friends (both sisters of another friend of mine) were recently hospitalized. 😦

Lastly, a wall of text of progress, containing massive spoilers. So if you want to avoid being spoiled, ignore the rest of this post.

Continue reading

Wall of Information, Part Duex

Silly constructed languages aside, the Tirahnys continent has been posted; the next area to be added will probably be the castle itself. I’ve also started a page for characters, though updating it with all characters in Lunar Shadow would take forever, so when I do add the characters, I’ll only add the very, very important characters.

Aside from that, there’s also been some progress on Lunar Shadow!

Top Floor MR
The castle’s top floor, music room, accessible after the final bosses are beaten. Screenshot from 4 May 2015.
Myst - Blood Garden
One of the areas accessible just before battling the final boss, in the Myst area. Screenshot from 22 April 2015.







Both areas will be accessible in version 4, though I’ve been procrastinating (as usual) – I haven’t even decided on the enemies of either areas.