The ZERO Progress Post (and spoiler information)

Okay, well, it has a double meaning.

Firstly, there’s been absolutely no progress on Lunar Shadow whatsoever, so my plans of releasing version 5a on 16 January are shot to the Grim Path (and probably beyond 😛 ). But there’s progress on Lunar Shadow ZERO (thanks to a friend).

And yes, it’s almost been a year since Lunar Shadow‘s first release on 16 January 2015. Which means, almost a year of Serenity being on her quest. (Except that would imply Newerth didn’t survive, right? D: )

Anyway, this post will be for… well, both those (probably not a lot, though) and some information on some of the characters that appear in the Lunar Shadow Project. Caution: major spoilers and stuff. Continue reading