The ZERO Progress Post (and spoiler information)

Okay, well, it has a double meaning.

Firstly, there’s been absolutely no progress on Lunar Shadow whatsoever, so my plans of releasing version 5a on 16 January are shot to the Grim Path (and probably beyond 😛 ). But there’s progress on Lunar Shadow ZERO (thanks to a friend).

And yes, it’s almost been a year since Lunar Shadow‘s first release on 16 January 2015. Which means, almost a year of Serenity being on her quest. (Except that would imply Newerth didn’t survive, right? D: )

Anyway, this post will be for… well, both those (probably not a lot, though) and some information on some of the characters that appear in the Lunar Shadow Project. Caution: major spoilers and stuff.Valerie. The red-haired girl with the closed eyes, who is first met (possibly) in the Servant Quarters. How can she see? Why does she have a double Taint?

That last one, I can’t quite answer just yet. I still have to figure out the answer. As for how she can see… a picture is worth enough words. 😛

Confused? Here’s what it all means:

  • Valerie is in purple. The darker it is, the less health she has.
  • Enemies, and their attacks, are in red. The darker the red, the less health they have. The lower the saturation, the less of a threat they are – a saturation of 240 (RGB of 191/0/0, for example) is a major threat, while a saturation of 40 (RGB of 112/80/80, for example) is a minor threat.
  • Allies are in green. The darker the green, the less health they have.
  • Allies’ attacks are in yellow. Weaker attacks are darker yellow in color.
  • The terrain and solid objects are in blue. Foreground objects are light blue, while background objects are dark blue.

Basically, Valerie sees outlines and such.

Incidentally, that picture depicts a part of the Grim Path’s tileset (that will appear in Lunar Shadow ZERO). The witch on the right is Ciel Sorcière, who appears as the first boss (accompanied by two crocodile-like minions) in LSZ.

The allies are Shinica, Serenity and lady Ilina (all of whom appear in Lunar Shadow); Ilina and Ciel are the only humans among them.

Lastly, trying to figure out the canonical order of events in Lunar Shadow is harder than it looks. Aside from the Sea Zone (which exists only to give a character some development; canonically, someone from Lunar Shadow ZERO went there instead of Serenity), there are a few things. Who was the first boss, Xyz or Sycor? How was Invidia lost? When was Xyz battled? Was Alexis’ life saved? Did Serenity’s wish get granted? (Okay, so that last one will appear in version 5a of Lunar Shadow when the Confusion Zone is 100% done.)

With that, I guess it’s gonna be the end of this post~

Have a nice day, folks 🙂


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