Version 4a has awoken!

As of today, version 4a of Lunar Shadow has been released! 😀

7z link: here
zip link: here

The Confusion Zone has yet to be added, but that’s going to be for version 5. I’ve also updated the Works page, in case anyone was wondering.

Anyway, I apologize for forgetting about the blog, and I’ll probably forget about it again, but these things happen, right?

First things first. Serenity will not have a Whimsical Star-like item. And continuing on, spoilers.Now then, that aside, a progress update on Lunar Shadow ZERO. The creator of Obscuro Lumen Venenum Aeris, Dianke, has worked on the mod and added all of the maps (so far).

Evan O’Neill will start LSZ in Yes Town with zero weapons, but three fairies (basically the replacement of the Whimsical Stars); they disappear when taking damage, unfortunately (hopefully it can be fixed). There’s Élea, Ariâ and Ýggdræl.
Gomu Forest has to be traversed, but is badly damaged and has monsters (making it harder at the moment). The damage is caused by a witch who works for the Castle Master, whose name I won’t post just yet (it’s too soon; the newest version was released today, after all).
The Entrance makes its grand return, though it looks different. The Laboratory, too, will return, as will the Top Floor. However, new areas include the Cursed Warehouse, the Tainted Garden, and the Grim Path. Oh, and the Lunar Soul area. Only two Reservoir maps, one Servant Quarters map, and two Tower maps will appear, aside from the other areas. In-universe, those areas, as well as most of the eastern Top Floor, have yet to be constructed.

There exists a map of the Entrance area, as it currently exists. (To my knowledge, at least; it was posted on 21 November 2015.)
And a screenshot of the Lunar Soul area and a screenshot of the Cursed Warehouse area.

Evan can’t swim, though Serenity can. What will Evan’s “gimmick” be? Dianke suggested double jumping, though that would also require ASM hacking. Right now… it’s an open question. (Or something like that.)

Returning characters in LSZ will be:

  • Serenity Horton (NPC in Yes Town)
  • Castle Master (NPC and the final boss)
  • Evan O’Neill (playable character; he gets mentioned a lot in LS and dies in LSZ at the Castle Master’s hands)
  • Selena Daria van der Merwe (major NPC; she has rainbow-colored hair and appears in LS as an NPC with nothing special to say)
  • Alexis (NPC; probably not going to be a boss)

And thus ends this blog post. Belated merry Christmas, and an early happy new year, everyone! 😀


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