It’s been weeks since I’ve made a blog post, huh? 😛

Read on for some Lunar Shadow related things.

So, progress on Lunar Shadow is ongoing and I’m currently busy with the stuff that happens after the final boss is beaten. (And then some more bug fixing.)

The final boss will have four phases (the previous beta releases only had three phases), there’s a new boss in the Top Floor that guards the Confusion Zone, and Warp Doors are blocked off (along with save points, except the last one) if the final boss is defeated.

That aside, there appears to be a contest at the Lunar Shadow Forums regarding Serenity’s father, the protagonist of the (planned) Lunar Shadow ZERO. Namely, the appearance of Evan O’Neill. Those who are interested can see the contest here. The deadline is 29 November 2015. (One of my friends posted that thread and is a participant.)

I’m working on Lunar Shadow at the moment, yes, but have a pic of Lunar Shadow ZERO‘s Yes Town! 🙂
(Link to picture.)
Yes Town might change drastically between that teaser pic and the first demo, though…


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