Mysterious Issues and Progress

First things first – for reasons unknown, the Lunar Shadow forums are down. I have no idea why, and I can only hope that this issue is temporary.

Secondly, I’m probably going to be less active or something; two of my friends (both sisters of another friend of mine) were recently hospitalized. 😦

Lastly, a wall of text of progress, containing massive spoilers. So if you want to avoid being spoiled, ignore the rest of this post.

So, you know that my previous blog post had info, right? About the Myst Zone, the Tower and the bonus boss?

This post has info about the Myst Zone and the Tower, and probably partially the Top Floor area.

For the Myst Zone, this is what I’ll reveal today:

  1. Enemies in the Blood Garden
    They’re just flying Critters, Power Critters, and those giant beetle guys from the Egg Corridor of the vanilla Cave Story. And undead bats.
  2. Other NPCs
    There are several robot NPCs. Notably, one of them guards the entrance deeper into the Myst Zone, and a hint is found only in the Servant Quarters library. Maths is boring, right?
  3. New outfit
    As those who have played Lunar Shadow (version 3) know, there are outfits in the mod that can be found within some treasure chests. One such outfit has been added to the Myst Zone, in the Blood Garden. This new outfit is another formal outfit, though. And is purely aesthetic (compared to some other outfits).
  4. Malfunctions
    A certain part of the area will have the air-tank and Valkyrie Wings cease to work. While there’s another way to be immune to drowning, there’s no way around the no-Valkyrie Wings thing. Thankfully, it’s still possible to reach the end of that area, where the air-tank and Valkyrie Wings will work again.
  5. Plot
    Yes, the Myst Zone actually is part of the plot for the best ending. This is entirely out of the blue and not even planned. The Tirahnys Continent page states that a politician’s status is unknown and that she attended Yes Town’s school prior to her disappearance. That politician, once president of the Tirahnys Continent, is Lady Ilina. Yes, she will appear in Lunar Shadow, in the Myst Zone.
  6. Shiori Shauntal
    A mysterious girl who is currently mentioned only to have survived some kind of incident in the Shining Gardens of Myst (now known as the Blood Garden) two years ago. Not much else is known about her.

About the Tower area:

  1. Azehr
    The Central Tower boss, has been implemented, and works okay. He has a habit of shouting “NO WAY” rapidly, to the point of annoyance. However, say that it’s annoying, and he gets angry. There are five battles against him, and he prevents access to the Top Floor.
  2. Thinking of everything
    Okay, the trope “The Dev Team Thinks of Everythingprobably doesn’t apply to this, but after every form of Azehr is beaten, the floor and ceiling of the maps will be destroyed, which lets the next form commence. The floor and ceiling will stay destroyed for the rest of the mod. (Okay, it technically doesn’t since I’ve reached the limit of maps and have to resort to using TSC for that, but still.)
  3. Tower SP
    This map is another map where Serenity can change her outfits, and also a map where Warp Doors can be found. Currently, they do nothing. I have yet to work on those. Sorry… 😦
  4. Archers in the Sky
    A part of the Tower area has flying Bute archers attack. Yes. They’re in the mod, outside of the final boss.
  5. Entry Puzzle
    The entry puzzle is just reading three stone tablets. That’s it. Where are these stone tablets? Find that out for yourself. 😉

And now, for the Top Floor, I suppose. This’ll have way more information, though those of the Lunar Shadow forums probably know about it. Or not. Who knows?

  1. Force Fields
    Most bosses are mandatory. I’ve had issues the past few weeks with deciding whether to have the bosses beaten check thing to be in Top Floor SQ (the entrance, if you entered from the Servant Quarters) or in the room where the witches are battled (Top Floor SC, I think?). However, I decided to use force fields for that instead. And yes, Micren is mandatory, now.
  2. Machine Gun Army
    The area is full of servants of the castle master, with machine guns. They’re basically like the maids in the Servant Quarters. 50 HP, occasionally shoots through walls (no idea why that happens since the bullets sometimes ignores things that would normally block NPCs).
  3. Access to the Central Tower
    There’s access to Tower TF, which is above the map where Azehr is first battled. The sister of the castle master is to the right of that, and she has to be beaten in order to be able to battle the castle master.
  4. The Boss That Looks Alike
    There’s a boss that looks just like Serenity, going by the name of Ataraxis. This boss is a major boss, and is the penultimate boss (before the castle master). This boss has about seven phases (if I remember correctly) – the first six phases all have 50 HP and act like the maids from the Servant Quarters. Between each phase, a cutscene. The final phase gives Ataraxis an aura, and is the final battle against her. Defeating her will have another outfit unlocked, but this one… let’s just say the final boss will be pleased about it.
    Don’t worry about having to redo all those phases, though – if you die, the phases will be less (probably two or three?). It wouldn’t be fair to force a person to go through all seven phases if they reached the final phase a minute ago, right?
  5. The Final Boss?
    After Ataraxis, comes the final boss. Three forms, and after beating him and either his girlfriend, his fiancée or his wife (not sure yet), Top Floor MR gets unlocked. And a bonus area. And also… the castle starts to fall apart. So there’s going to be a timer as well.

And lastly, other things.

  1. The Confusion Zone
    The Confusion Zone can be accessed after beating the final boss. Other conditions exist, but as of now, these conditions are unknown.
  2. Useful Outfits
    There are going to be a few outfits that have special effects. So far, the only outfits with effects will just give the wearer immunity to drowning (in other words, they can breathe underwater). That’s it. Lame, considering the existence of the Air-Tank.
  3. More Descriptions
    This has yet to be implemented, but there’s going to be more item descriptions than before. Along with the item name, there’s gonna be a description for that item, in addition to the one that appears when trying to check an item in the inventory. I probably forgot about this and remembered about it and forgot and remembered it a lot of times though. 😮

That’s about it, for now… I guess.


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