Wall of Information – Myst Zone, Central Tower and Bonus Bosses, oh my!

Information dump! 😀 I’ve started working on this again, recently (read: before 29 May 2015). So far: The Myst Zone. The maps are connected, and you can change Serenity’s outfits in “Myst – Blood Garden”. “Myst – Entry to Demise” has doors and NPCs, and will have a boss later on. Doors, as in, four corridors with only one way ahead. “Myst – Demise of the Maiden” has a new tileset, thanks to a friend of mine, Dianke (she made the mod “Obscuro Lumen Venenum Aeris”). Igor has been removed from the mod, so may he rest in peace. Other areas received some minor updates. The East Tower area now has a boss – a bonus one, so to speak. Those who are a member of the Lunar Shadow Forums will know who I speak of (I guess); the boss’s identity is meant to be a secret outside of those forums. This boss has minions, and is REALLY tough. I sequence-broke while testing the Myst Zone, and went from Myst, to the Reservoir, beat Micren, and went to Tower RR (80 max HP, level 2 Misery’s End, level 3 Acidic Bubble, level 3 Arcanum). I got killed by the boss and its minions. But on the plus side, you get a cake for winning. The cake wasn’t a lie. It’s in a treasure chest. You can also pick one of ~six songs (or silence) to play in the battle with this bonus boss. (If not, two normally-unused songs play and they DON’T sound like boss fight songs.) And access to Central Tower exists – you can’t go down yet, though, and to go up, you need to solve a puzzle. Thereafter, it’s just go up, up, and away~ … Though, a boss fight should trigger there, and span up to like four or five maps. And prevent access to the Top Floor area. This boss… it’s a mandatory boss, like Xyz, Sycor, and others. Micren… well, I don’t know if he is mandatory anymore, considering you can just skip him to get a key item. I’ll add screenshots to the Lunar Shadow forums when I finish adding enemies to the Myst Zone and add the Central Tower boss. (Alpha release thereafter, I hope; I’ll probably have to ask someone to become a alpha beta tester for that part.)   As for my nineteenth birthday… well, not a lot of people online said “happy birthday” to me, and I’m kinda sad about it, but oh well. It’s still Monday in the UK, so… As for what I got… cookies. Lots of ’em. Baked by my friend Dianke.


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