No Progress Z

Gotta love not making any progress with a project at times. 😛

Anyway, there be spoilers here. If you want to read on, ignoring the spoiler warning, go for it. 🙂

So, anyway, I’ve spent my time playing video games the past few days, trying to figure out what can go into the Myst area of Lunar Shadow (definitely not Heartless). So far… all I have is a giant mechanical fish thing that has minions and is related to Micren (one of the Reservoir bosses). The first map of Myst? More confusing than the Confusion Zone, ironically. The Confusion Zone lacks confusion. Or does it? There’s a treasure chest you can’t reach in the very first screen of the Confusion Zone. (Will be.) How puzzling can you get with that? 😛

In addition, I’m stuck on whether to have the witches have more dialogue or entering the Top Floor area requiring all prior bosses to be defeated… more dialogue is sometimes a good thing, but if it has like a dozen flag jumps, it gets messy. Like, seriously. “Have you defeated Xyz? Have you defeated Sycor? Have you defeated Micren? Have you defeated Grialdyn? Have you defeated Valkyrie? Oh, you haven’t? Kthx have a nice day bye~♥”

That said, one has to be brave to have a lot of different cutscenes based on whether or not you beat certain bosses later. Xyz is such a boss – if you skip it until much later, it even gets another form. (Another forum would result in weirdness.) The more you skip Xyz, the more the cutscene changes – at least, so’s the plan.

Also, Sycor. You’ll be able to rematch him later in the mod – in the Tower area. The reason it’s there is because the Western Tower has a boss (Ghost Dragon Sisters) and the Central Tower will have a boss (a sequential one) and the Eastern Tower will have another boss besides Sycor II (the other boss being Alexis, met in the Servant Quarters).

Micren, well, he can already  be rematched, provided you beat him while taking damage. If you got a certain item from beating him, you can’t rematch him. There sure are a lot of rematchable bosses for Lunar Shadow, huh? 😮

Anyway, as for procrastination. I’ve been playing video games, as I’ve mentioned above. I’ve listened to awesome music (La-Mulana has awesome music too). I’ve been lurking on forums and sites, pondering what next to do. I’ve been playing through Aidan’s old Cave Story mods, though not sure why.

(Those of you who don’t know, Aidan is my deceased ex-boyfriend. I broke up with him on January 2014, and he died late April that year in a vehicle-related incident. He was essentially a massive jerk and I still don’t know what I saw in him.)

And on that randomly unrelated note, cats are adorable and pies are delicious. :3


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