Wall of Information, Part Tres

Well, information on the Grange and Cypher continents are now added, leaving only two of the continents that have information to be added. (The remaining continents have no info yet.)

Grange and Cypher are both continents that my friends Luna (“Lunaris”) and Dianke (the creator of the canceled Obscuro Lumen Venenum Aeris) had made.

The following stuff are all “non-Lunar Shadow” stuff and is essentially related to another forum that I used to administrate. Whether it falls under “rant”, who knows.

As of now, I’ve resigned from the Vresun: Ciraian Ruins forums as administrator. The chaos going on there… it’s best to avoid it. I don’t know when the forum founder or his fiancée will get online (as they’re attending the funeral of the fiancée’s grandfather today), but they had better sort things out before it’s too late and the forum loses all of its members. (Which, at this point, has a good chance of happening.)


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