Wall of Information, Part Duex

Silly constructed languages aside, the Tirahnys continent has been posted; the next area to be added will probably be the castle itself. I’ve also started a page for characters, though updating it with all characters in Lunar Shadow would take forever, so when I do add the characters, I’ll only add the very, very important characters.

Aside from that, there’s also been some progress on Lunar Shadow!

Top Floor MR
The castle’s top floor, music room, accessible after the final bosses are beaten. Screenshot from 4 May 2015.
Myst - Blood Garden
One of the areas accessible just before battling the final boss, in the Myst area. Screenshot from 22 April 2015.







Both areas will be accessible in version 4, though I’ve been procrastinating (as usual) – I haven’t even decided on the enemies of either areas.


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