So, welcome, followers, friends and other people! This blog is currently dedicated solely to progress on the Lunar Shadow Project, which are all mods of an awesome video game known as Cave Story.

The first (and currently, only) mod, Lunar Shadow, stars a thirteen-year old girl named Serenity Horton, who’s from Yes Town on the Tirahnys continent of planet Newerth, in the Serenth galaxy. This mod takes place during January 2015, and has Serenity try to stop an insane madman from destroying Newerth.

As of 4 May 2015, Lunar Shadow is at version 3a.

For now, though, I’ll post whatever I can, whether it’s related to the mods or not. So, feel free to enjoy whatever’s posted!

~ Kim


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. So you have a blog, ‘eh? I would’ve been happy to host one for you, but oh well! (not sure what features the free hosting has available though)

    I should also find some time to try out your mod, but Cave Story hasn’t been so high on my priority list much lately ^_^;


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